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Magic City Action Shooters (MCAS) is a competitive shooting club, based at the Billings Rod and Gun Club, in Billings, MT.  MCAS was officially founded on February 10, 2003 as a USPSA affiliated club.  However, they starting holding matches in September, 1999. 

We shoot USPSA Action Pistol, Multigun and Steel Challenge, as well as some occasional special shoots.

We're thrilled that you are interested enough in practical shooting to explore how best to get started. You are about to take the first step on an exciting journey to a new world of safe, fair, family fun with some of the greatest people you will ever know.

We welcome new competitors at any match!  Here are some tips to making your first match even more enjoyable!

  • Bring and wear eye and ear protection - even if you just plan to watch. Your normal corrective lens or sunglasses will serve for your first visit. Inexpensive foam earplugs available at most sporting goods or hardware stores will suffice for hearing protection. We have such items available for visitors, but having your own will simplify the process and ensure that you will be able to watch or participate in the match.

  • Use your first visit to concentrate on watching, listening, and learning.

  • If this is your first match let a range officer at the registration table know, and you can participate in a brief safety and rules training just prior to the match.

Range Safety

Range safety is the most important part of all of our shooting sports.  Accidents in our sport can be very serious, help keep everyone safe and have fun.  The following rules are the ones you will hear about at a match, but as always with a firearm, please keep in mind and use the standard four rules of gun safety.  

  • Cold Range - We run a cold range. By this we mean all firearms are unloaded until it is your turn to shoot the course of fire under the direction of the range officer. All firearms should be unloaded at home before you get to the match (including concealed carry firearms). However, if you do show up with a loaded firearm, please let a range officer at the registration table know and someone will help you safely unload it.

  • Safety Area - There is no handling of firearms unless we are shooting. This includes in the parking lot and the entire range. If you are not the person shooting, your firearm is in your holster or range bag. You can handle your gun only wen you are under the supervision of a range officer or in a safety area. At the Billings Rod and Gun Club, the safety areas are located between the pistol target range and the silhouette range, and beside the pistol building. If you are not sure where they are, ask someone at the registration table. These are the only places you can handle your firearm outside of in the direct supervision of a range officer. You can handle magazines and ammunition anywhere on the range, except in the safe areas.

  • 180 Rule - The muzzle of your firearm must never break the 180 degree plane (relative to the back of the bay). Breaking this rule can get you disqualified from the match. The 180 degree line is parallel to the back of the shooting bay. This includes up, down and both sides. Keep the muzzle in front of you at all times, even when loading, unloading, reloading, clearing jams and showing clear.

  • Trigger Guard - During your course of fire, your finger must stay off the trigger and outside the trigger guard any time you are not shooting. If you are moving, loading, reloading, clearing jams, or showing clear, your finger must be outside the trigger guard.

  • Disqualification (DQ) - Violation of any of the above safety rules is justification for a match disqualification. If you are disqualified from a match, you cannot continue to shoot that match. You are welcome to stay, help your squad complete the match, tear down the match, and you are welcome to come back and shoot the next match. We never want to DQ anyone, but safety MUST be our first priority.

  • Range Officers - When shooting, you will always be accompanied by a Range Officer (RO). The RO is there to assist the shooter and ensure safety. Please follow the commands and orders of the RO. ROs have to keep you and everyone else safe, this is their top priority.

Firearms & Holsters

Likely the firearm you already own will be just what you need to get started in practical shooting. United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Action Pistol has eight competitive divisions, delineated by equipment rules.  Don't rush out and buy new equipment until you've had the opportunity to learn enough about the sport to make an informed decision.

Holsters must retain the firearm during any required movement, must cover the trigger of a holstered gun, must point to the ground when the firearm is holstered, and must be carried at belt level; shoulder, thigh, chest holsters or fanny packs are not permissible at USPSA events. 

Other Equipment

Other necessary equipment includes spare magazines or speed loaders and belt mounted carriers. In most cases at least one magazine will be included with the firearm when you bought it, but having at least three magazines is desirable to be sure to get you through the various stages in a match. Magazines should be available from the gun manufacturer or from a variety of after market sources.

We recommend two to three belt mounted magazine/speed loader carriers, depending on the divisions in which you choose to compete.

If it's your first match, and you don't have all those extra magazines, come anyway, chances are excellent that someone else has the equipment you need, and will allow you to borrow or share theirs for the match.  Don't spend a bunch of money just to try the sport out!


Either factory loaded or quality reloaded ammunition will work for these sports.


Practical shooting is an exciting, fun, safe sport. Like any sport, though, it takes time and effort to become proficient.  Don't be discouraged if you don't shoot as well as you would have liked at your first few matches.  Ask lots of questions, practice, and you will improve quickly.

Welcome aboard, we are excited to have you join our family!

Any other questions?  Contact us!

Adapted from USPSA.org.

Billings Rod and Gun Club Range Rules.